Burns v. LALB et al (om 2 - Illegal Executive Session for 9/17/12 "hearing")     Judge:  Fields - Filed 11/9/12



Betty Story v. LALB (failure to find Marlo Schmidt guilty)  Judge:  Caldwell - Filed 8/22/14



Rev. Freddie Phillips & Robert Burns v. LALB et al (First Amendment violation, etc.)  Judge:  Caldwell - Filed 6/30/14



Rev. Freddie Phillips & Robert Burns v. LALB et al (om 3 - "I's here" and Illegal Per Diem Payments)  Judge:  Hernandez - Filed 3/6/13



LALB v. Robert Burns (Ex Parte Petition for Writ of Attachment filed by LALB) Judge:  Hernandez - Filed 5/13/13



Burns v. Arthritis Association of LA, Karen Kennedy, and Caroline Messenger - Defamation Pertaining to Edmonds Matter:    Judge:  Fields - Filed 10/06/11


Burns v. Sandy Edmonds - Malicious Prosecution   Judge:  Fields - Filed 6/27/11


Burns v. LALB (om 1 - Denial of Right to Speak / Ask Question Before Agenda Item Vote):   Judge:  Morvant  - Filed 9/24/10


Burns v. LALB et al (Defamation resulting from 9/17/12 "hearing")   Judge:  Hernandez - Filed 9/11/13


Phillips v. LALB (denial of access to LALB travel records):   Judge:  Caldwell  - Filed 8/9/10