(regulatory body overseeing auction licensing in Louisiana)
Calendar Year 2012 Financial Information:
Legal Schedules and Invoices, Bank Statements




Larry Bankston Legal Billings for 2012 (One-Page Schedule):  $9,737.95


Anna Dow Legal Billings for 2012 (One-Page Schedule):  $13,550.54 + $1,839.29 Investigative = $15,389.53.





Larry Bankston - General Legal Services Invoices

Larry Bankston - Invoices for Robert Burns v. LALB


Anna Dow - General Legal Services





LALB Court Reporter Charges for 2012:  $1,337.50.

(Note:  Of above amount, $917.50, or 69%, is strictly for the LALB v. Burns hearing of 9/17/12 even though, interestingly enough, the invoice is captioned "LALB v. Jean Vidos.")

(Note:  LALB omitted invoice for March 19, 2012 hearing entailing LALB v. David Goldberg.  That invoice was requested again in mid June of 2013, and the LALB's response was "the requested document is not in the public record."  The court reporter was ADAMANT that her firm did NOT provide the court reporter services for Mr. Goldberg's hearing; however, upon a subsequent FOIA request in late June of 2013 to the LALB requesting a list of ALL firms providing court reporter services from 1/1/12 - 5/20/13, the LALB opted not to respond to the inquiry.  Since all invoices are dated 12/3/12 -- even though two hearings were as far back is 7/16/12 --, it APPEARS that the court reporter waited until the end of the year to invoice the LALB for its services.  If that's the case, she was likely told that the 3/19/12 invoice could not be paid since it fell in a previous fiscal year.  That's about the only thing that makes any logical sense whatsoever.) 




Attorney General Charges to LALB for 2012:  $1,620.00






2012 Monthly Bank Statements (In Reverse Chronological Order):  Note:  Only Dec. 2012 Statement for MMA - Balance Static Except Monthly Interest





Legal Contracts:  AG's Office, Anna Dow, Larry Bankston for FY Ending 6/30/13.


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