Video links of excerpts of Meetings of the Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB),
the regulatory body overseeing auction licensing in Louisiana, separate and distinct from LAPA.


Meetings are in reverse chronological order and cover from 9/20/10 - 7/10/17.  Videos after that date are available (in their entireties and not segmented as the videos below are) by visiting the LALB's meetings webpage.


In addition to the videos below, here are featured Sound Off Louisiana post pertaining to the Auctioneer Licensing Board:


May 7, 2016:  Edwards rescinds Phillips' LALB appointment due to "prior commitment" (a lie).

May 9, 2016:  Phillips directly confronts Edwards face-to-face on his ouster from LALB.

June 11, 2016:  Edwards LALB appointee Jeff Henderson backed into suing his father for fraud.

July 9, 2016:  Phillips asked four (4) times, "Are you carrying a weapon?"

November 14, 2016:  Edwards' pal, convicted felon Larry Bankston, advises LALB their "hands tied" about illegal notary acts by Member Jeff Henderson's father.

December 28, 2016:  First Guaranty Bank states Edwards appointee Jeff Henderson lost $1 million due to his own "inattention, lack of management, and/or supervision."

January 5, 2017:  Federal Judge Shelly Dick issues stern ruling demonstrating high likelihood Edwards appointee's father "committed fraud."

January 15, 2017:  Edwards imposes stringent "Vitter litmus test" for Freddie Phillips' replacement on LALB.

February 8, 2017:  Baton Rouge Business Report states LALB appointee Henderson's father used funds related to civil fraud trial to "pay for his girlfriends."

June 12, 2017:  Edwards appointee Jeff Henderson poised to face uncle in civil fraud trial.

June 27, 2017:  Appointee Jeff Henderson's sister falsely states UNDER OATH:  "Daddy doesn't have $20 to buy milk."

July 9, 2017:  Edwards appointee Jeff Henderson admits under oath that his father "possibly committed fraud."



October 24, 2017:  Edwards appointee Jacobs-Levy implodes in LSP "wrongful death" civil trial


Note:  The preceding feature is what caused ALL the problems for the Freddie Phillips school of auctioneering!




October 28, 2017:  Phillips to LALB's Jacobs-Levy:  "You just showed your prejudice!"

November 6, 2017:  Edwards' appointee Darlene Jacobs-Levy "stands by every word" of damning email sent on Freddie Phillips.

March 6, 2018:  Disgraced LALB member Jacob Brown quietly removed from LALB.

March 13, 2018:  Edwards forewarned to expect "embarrassment" from LALB appointee Jacob Brown.

April 19, 2018:  Edwards appoints twice-charged DWI offender to LALB.

May 9, 2018:  Edwards' LALB named one of three most corrupt boards in Louisiana

July 18, 2018:  Edwards' Auction Board appointee Jacob Brown arrested for issuing $175,000 in worthless checks to State of Louisiana.

July 27, 2018:  East Baton Rouge Parish sues Edwards' Auction Board Appointee Jacob Brown for $29,000 in unpaid sales taxes.

August 29, 2018:  LALB fails miserably in seeking to exempt itself from Sen. John Milkovich's bill to protect whistleblowers.

September 10, 2018:  Edwards challenged to adhere to Honor Code and recover $175,000 in stolen taxpayer funds from LALB.

September 28, 2018:  LALB screws over 87-year-old victim Allan Moore.

October 11, 2018:  LALB used double-standard for filing bond claims.

October 14, 2018:  Edwards and his Commissioner of Administration aid, abet LALB Member Jacob Brown's auction Ponzi scheme.

November 5, 2018:  Edwards disavows West Point Honor Code entailing $175,000 of taxpayer money stolen by LALB appointee Jacob Brown to support his drug habit.

November 5, 2018: Most watched Sound Off Louisiana video is the payroll fraud deposition of Robert Burns with tens of thousands of views.



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July 10, 2017


[Note:  The actual LALB meeting lasted eight (8) minutes and was totally uneventful.]


Henderson Auctions' founder, Marvin Henderson, is stated in sworn testimony to "not have $20 to buy milk" by his daughter, Janet Henderson Cagley. 


Not to be outdone, Jeff Henderson, Marvin's son and CEO of Henderson Auctions, testified under oath:  "Daddy may have committed fraud by accepting money he had no authority to accept."




March 6, and May 8, 2017


[3/6] LALB considers proposal by LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips to open the Freddie Phillips School of Auctioneering.

[3/6] LALB votes to suspend the auction school license of Burk Bank Auction School. 

[5/8] LALB considers auction licenses for WorldNet Auctions and H & H Auctions, the votes for which LALB Member Jeff Henderson had to recuse himself because Henderson Auctions is suing both applicants. 

LALB begins infighting among members about how to handle LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips' proposal to reduce the in-state auctioneer renewal fee from $150 to $50

Discussion of a proposal to alter Louisiana and Alabama's auction license reciprocity agreement.

Discussion of filing bond claims for the consignors of evangelist Sean Leteff and Joel Alan Murphy.

LALB continues discussion of potential increase in required bond coverage.

LALB continues discussion of potential regulation of online auctions.





January 23, 2017


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips makes proposal to open the Freddie Phillips School of Auctioneering.

Baton Rouge Business report reveals that allegedly fraudulent wire transfer payments entailing Henderson Auctions were "used to pay Marvin Henderson's girlfriends."

Discussion of reinstatement of office hours for the LALB's executive director, Sandy Edmonds.

LALB begins infighting among members about how to handle LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips' proposal to reduce the in-state auctioneer renewal fee from $150 to $50

Discussion of a proposal to alter Louisiana and Alabama's auction license reciprocity agreement.

Discussion of filing bond claims for the consignors of evangelist Sean Leteff and Joel Alan Murphy.

LALB continues discussion of potential increase in required bond coverage.

LALB continues discussion of potential regulation of online auctions.





November 7, 2016


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips proposes $50 IN-STATE auction renewal fee for 2018 licenses (vs. the historical $150). 

LALB discusses potential for regulation of online auctions and raising the required bond coverage associated with an auction license.

Presentation of a ruling by U. S. District Judge Shelly Dick DENYING auctioneer Marvin Henderson's motion to have a civil lawsuit against him alleging fraud dismissed

Presentation of First Guaranty Bank's assertion that LALB Member Jeff Henderson incurred $1 million in alleged wire transfer fraud losses due to his OWN "negligence, lack of attention, lack of management, etc."

Presentation of LALB stating "hands tied" entailing illegal notary acts on the part of Henderson Auctions founder Marvin Henderson. 

LAPA Vice President Robert Burns directly confronts LALB attorney Larry S. Bankston about actions of LALB Executive Director Sandy Edmonds regarding her conduct entailing a phone call Burns received from Mississippi auctioneer
Nick Clark wherein Burns indicates Edmonds dissuaded Clark from filing a complaint against Marvin Henderson and Edmonds defamed Burns' character.  Burns challenges all parties involved to submit to a polygraph.  So far, neither Edmonds nor Bankston have taken Burns up on his offer even though Burns has volunteered to pay for the polygraph for them. 

Discussion of reinstating office hours of the LALB to be staffed and posted on display on the LALB's website. 

LALB entertains a complaint by Burns entailing former long-time LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp having allegedly falsely claimed that she resided at her mother's address in order to qualify to serve as the LALB auction representative for PSD # 1.

Notoriously-problematic auctioneer Mark Brister applies to have his license reinstated.





September 12, 2016


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns outlines YET ANOTHER lawsuit filed by Henderson Auctions against an out-of-state auctioneer (Charles Easler of South Carolina).

Update of Henderson Auctions v. Blake Everett litigation including LAPA Vice President Robert Burns having to dress down LALB Executive Director Sandy Edmonds and Legal Counsel Larry Bankston entailing the LALB's handling of someone desiring to file a complaint entailing the matter.

Discussion of Consent Agreement entailing Jeff Henderson of Henderson Auctions for having illegally permitted out-of-state auctioneer Amy Assister to call auctions at Henderson Auctions with no Louisiana auction license.

Discussion of LALB's ever-increasing liability insurance premium costs.

Extensive discussion of potential online auction regulation, including lessons learned from TEXAS and PENNSYLVANIA along with the challenge of regulating "Facebook auctions."

LAPA Vice President Robert Burns discusses proposed request for 11/7/16 meeting calling for the reinstatement of a minimum of six (6) hours a week for the LALB office to be open and available to serve the public with those hours being posted on the LALB's website.




July 11, 2016


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips breaks his silence on a well-documented campaign by LALB members, and/or LALB staff & contractors, and/or LAA members directed toward Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards to rescind Phillips' LALB appointment (Edwards appointed Phillips to the LALB on April 20, 2016 and caved to those seeking his head and rescinded the appointment on May 5, 2016 at 11:58 a.m.).   

Notwithstanding a Sound Off Louisiana post only two days before the meeting demonstrating extensive attacks and badgerings directed at Rev. Phillips, LALB attorney Larry S. Bankston, close friends and political allies with Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, continues his relentless assaults against Phillips.  

Phillips openly confronts LALB Chairman Jacob Warren on his steadfast refusal to place Phillips' agenda request for a reduction for in-state auction license renewals from $150 to $5 until the LALB's massive cash stockpile declines to 150% of the preceding three years' average operating expenses.   

LAPA Vice President Robert Burns goes toe-to-toe with LALB attorney Larry S. Bankston entailing his charges for "redacting" public records, which Bankston stated totaled over $3,000 just over the past 5-6 weeks. 

LALB approves YET ANOTHER CONVICTED FELON, Edward Heaston, to enter the Louisiana auction profession without ANY PUBLIC DISCUSSION WHATSOEVER!!  Heaston's felony convictions entail fraudulent schemes and third-degree burglary in Arizona.

Virginia auctioneer Bryan Hammock balks at paying $3,900 in costs associated with him conducting an auction in Louisiana with no license (he acquiesces to $2,900 in administrative expenses but objects to the $1,000 fine).

Discussion of pursuing auctioneer bonds for unpaid administrative expenses and/or hearings when auctioneers fail to pay (Mark Brister & Sean Leteff citied as examples).

Discussion of alleged problems entailing online real estate auctions and forming a study group to explore regulating same.



May 10, 2016


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips goes toe-to-toe with Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards entailing Edwards' rescission of Phillips' LALB appointment. 

LAPA Vic President Robert Burns addresses the LALB entailing reports that, on at least four (4) occasions (the most recent of which was January 28, 2016), LALB Member Jeff Henderson utilized the services of an unlicensed auctioneer on the premises of Henderson Auctions. 

Burns provides update on CE reinstatement as well as concerns expressed entailing former LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp potentially having residency issues which may have disqualified her for LALB membership, must less Chairmanship of the LALB. 

Burns expresses his concerns to the LALB that they are abusing Louisiana's Open Meetings Laws entailing Executive Session as a means to conceal from the public auctioneer abuses of both bidders and consignors alike.  

Burns expresses dismay that no auctioneer member of the LALB even has any interest in attending the annual NAA / NALLOA convention, and he expresses dismay at that being the case given that LAPA President Rev. Phillips had indicated his desire to attend THE VERY DAY BEFORE Gov. John Bel Edwards' head of Boards and Commissions, Ellen Palmintier, called Phillips to inform him that his LALB appointment was being rescinded.  

Stipulation entailing Bryan Hammock, a Virginia-based auctioneer.    

Administrative hearing for Joel Allen Murphy (NSF checks, no consignor escrow account, potential irregularities entailing a charity benefit auction).





March 8, 2016


LAPA Vice President Burns updates auctioneers on the status of Louisiana Legislative efforts to reinstate continuing education (CE).

LAPA President Phillips weighs in on CE and other matters of concern to him, including LALB legal counsel Jinna Linn repeatedly interrupting his public comment period over the last several LALB meetings.

Update on the status of Henderson Auctions v. Everett litigation to include Henderson Auctions being sued by Everett in Baton Rouge Federal Court.

LAPA Vice President Robert Burns provides background entailing why LALB Member Jeff Henderson, at the 11/10/11 LALB meeting, sought to permit out-of-state auctioneers to conduct auctions in Louisiana with no license.

LAPA Vice President Robert Burns educates Louisiana-licensed auctioneers entailing why he has such a "bull dog oversight of the LALB" and, in so doing, discusses his ongoing litigation with LALB attorney Anna Dow.



January 12, 2016


Potential reinstatement of continuing education continues to be discussed and Judy Fasola, alleged auction victim of auctioneer Ken Buhler, continues to vent her frustration at the board for not filing a bond claim on her behalf.




September 1, 2015 & November 10, 2015 Highlights


Board votes to initiate efforts with the Louisiana Legislature to reinstate continuing education after parameters such as locations, course content, number of hours, etc. is first researched and reported upon by attorney Anna Dow. 


Audience members discuss the latest voluntary license restrictions agreed to by Ken Buhler, even though no discussion by the LALB has transpired entailing these restrictions.  Audience member Quan Nguyen expresses frustration at auctioneer abuses noted on LAPA's website videos.


At the 9/1/15 meeting, LAPA Vice President Robert Burns expresses surprise that Mark Brister's license has been reinstated.  Then, at the November 10, 2015 meeting, Burns expresses shock that the board would consider a text as constituting having "located" Brister, whose license is once again suspended!


Auctioneer and evangelist Sean Leteff's auction license is suspended


LALB complainant and 84-year-old widow Betty Story's complaint against auctioneer Marlo Schmidt is finally resolved by Schmidt remitting $1,500 to Story (in addition to the $4,102.29 she was awarded in her successful pro se lawsuit in 36th JDC).


LALB Executive Assistant Sandy Edmonds' proposal to turn off LAPA's video cameras blows up in her face. 


An on-the-sly proposal to permit out-of-state auctioneers to conduct auctions in Louisiana with no Louisiana auction license is discussed.  Executive Assistant Edmonds reports on the 2015 NALLOA Conference and a continuing education seminar offered at the conference entailing internet auctions.





July 7, 2015 Highlights


Auctioneer Mark Brister's license is again suspended after he goes AWOL.  The video provides highlights of the entire sordid scandals entailing Brister, including video footage from the LALB meetings of 9/10/13, 11/5/14, 1/13/15, and 7/7/15.


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns welcomes the 1,800+ non-Louisiana auctioneers across the U. S. who are now receiving email alerts of LALB meetings and recognizes the feedback of three such auctioneers:  Paul Stansel of Collinsville, Connecticut; George Cunningham of Phoenix, Arizona; and an auctioneer wishing to remain anonymous of Chicago, Illinois


Burns provides explanation of the delay in LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips' 3rd annual State of the Auction Industry Address (SAIA).  The explanation includes pending updated status reports on the Marvin Henderson litigation as well as bringing viewers up to speed on Burns' own lawsuit against the LALB for which oral arguments were heard before the First Circuit Court of Appeals on April 26, 2015.


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips reiterates his resolve for LALB transparency and also voices concerns over the costs of the Bobby Manuel hearing entailing a trivial $25 dresser for which Manuel offered a full refund.


The LALB states that it will set a date (not a regular meeting date) for hearings it has in the queue and that it will be sometime after September 1, 2015.


For the benefit of the 1,800+ out-of-state auctioneers recently added to LAPA's email distribution list, a re-broadcast of convicted felon LALB attorney Larry S. Bankston's assistant, Jenna Linn, having interrupted LAPA Vice President Burns upon him referencing "FBI investigations" is provided.




May 5, 2015 Highlights


LALB conducts full-blown hearing entailing auctioneer Bobby Manuel entailing a trivial $25 dresser, and Chairman Steinkamp becomes very upset when LAPA Vice President Burns, who anticipated this would be a trivial matter, openly questioned why the LALB ignored the auctioning of fake paintings by New Orleans Auction Galleries, where Steinkamp served as Vice President, Director, and TREASURER up until 10 days before NOAG's 4/1/11 bankruptcy filing.  At the time of bankruptcy, NOAG had over $500,000 in unpaid consignors, was paying company operating expenses out of consignor escrowed funds, and had auctioned off numerous fake paintings and other items for six figures, yet Steinkamp, her then-position on the LALB of Vice Chairman notwithstanding, never alerted the LALB of any of the problems.  Consequently, many bidders (e.g. Danny Pun) lost hundreds of thousands of dollars as a DIRECT result of Steinkamp's silence


LAPA Vice President Burns explains that, since a hearing IS a meeting, public comment must be afforded for hearings. 


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips again emphasizes his desire for added LALB transparency in the way of specificity added to agenda and haring dockets.  

Michael Bruner's auction application is approved notwithstanding his felony conviction in TexasDarlene Jacobs-Levy votes "no," citing the felony conviction as her reason.  After the meeting in an interview with LAPA's Burns, when asked why LALB attorney Larry S. Bankston's felony didn't stop her from approving his hiring in 2012, she said, "That's different."     




March 10, 2015 Highlights


LALB attorney Jenna Linn recoils at the mention of FBI investigations by LAPA Vice President Robert Burns, so Burns explains why Linn recoiled and completes the discussion she so rudely shut him down on during public comment.


LALB discusses how it will handle complainant Betty Jo Story's request for a reopened investigation of auctioneer Marlo Schmidt.


Linn reads a prepared-statement by Bankston on recommended action on Fasola request for bond claim to be filed. 


Board authorizes another $21,000 in legal fees for FYE 6/30/15 ($15,000 to Bankston and $6,000 to Dow). 


Dow seeks board approval for stipulation agreements (to be subsequently ratified by board) entailing auctioneers auctioning off goods exceeding $500 without a written contract.  




January 13, 2015 Highlights


Auctioneer Mark Brister, after flatly rejecting the LALB's terms for reinstating his license at the 11/5/14 LALB meeting, appeals to the Board for reconsideration


LALB attorney Larry S. Bankston makes a complete fool of himself in providing guidance for the LALB to resist a public records request


LALB complainant (and Ken Buhler auction victim) Judy Fasola points out the inaccuracies of the Board's 11/5/14 meeting entailing Buhler and indicates she may sue the Board through her attorney, Mike Davis.  She continues to lament the fact the LALB won't file a bond claim on her behalf as it did for David Swift and Brant Thompson (son of LA Sen. Francis Thompson).   





November 5, 2014 Highlights


LALB complainant (and Ken Buhler auction victim) Judy Fasola seeks to address the board regarding the differing treatment she states she received regarding filing a bond claim vs. that of David Swift and Francis Thompson, son of State Senator Francis Thompson. 


Auctioneer Mark Brister rejects the LALB's terms for reinstating his license.   


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips and Vice President Robert Burns address the board regarding Ms. Fasola's issue of divergent treatment. 


LALB Vice Chairman James Sims discusses his proposal for the LALB to videotape hearings. 


LALB discusses provisions for issuing in-state interim licenses between board meetings. 


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns makes it emphatically clear that, when he makes a public records request for an auctioneer's file, he expects ALL of the material in the file to be provided and, if not, he will file a lawsuit naming Executive Director Sandy Edmonds as defendant since board attorney Larry S. Bankston has repeatedly sent letters to Burns identifying her as the custodian of records.  



September 9, 2014 Highlights


Board Member Hal McMillin blows a gasket at LAPA Vice President Robert Burns and resigns from the LALB later in the meeting. 


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns, in providing an update on the Henderson Auctions sales tax lawsuit, contrasts the divergent treatment between auctioneer Marvin Henderson (father of LALB Member Jeff Henderson) and Kathleen Sue White, who also experienced far less serious sales tax issues. 


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns provides a free lesson in auction continuing education by explaining the risks of auctioning merchandise in which the auctioneer is an owner as illustrated by a recent lawsuit filed by auctioneer Marvin Henderson against a former employee, Blake Everett.  


The LALB discusses the possibility that principals involved in Henderson Auction may have illegally loaned licenses to facilitate an auction by Alex Lyon & Son Sales Managers & Auctioneers Inc. conducted without a valid Louisiana auction business license. 


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips and Vice President Robert Burns contrast the very liberal videotaping privileges extended to the LALB's videographer vs. the highly restrictive conditions under which Burns and Phillips are placed.




July 15, 2014 Highlights


CE discussion (with guest appearance by Rep. Johnny Guinn). 


Discussion of LALB videotaping future meetings. 


Presentation of caviar to Executive Director Sandy Edmonds (with past videos to provide insight into the presentation). 




May 6, 2014 Highlights


LAPA President Rev. Phillips' presentation regarding $5 processing fee for 2015 resident licensee renewal (LAPA Vice President Burns responds to LALB Vice Chairman James Sims' rationale for the LALB's vote to stick with the $150 renewal fee). 


Continued discussion of reinstating CE. 


LALB Chairman Steinkamp proposes yet another 4% salary increase for Executive Assistant Sandy Edmonds and accuses LAPA of "erroneously manipulating" Ms. Edmonds rate of pay (to which LAPA Vice President Robert Burns responds).  LALB presents Ms. Edmonds with caviar at 7/15/14 meeting in response to Burns' response (see above). 

Auction apprentice guidelines update. 


Used Motor Vehicle Commission interagency agreement finalized. 


Administrative hearing for auctioneer Bruce Miller (deceased).  It was after this hearing that the LALB filed a bond claim on behalf of Brant Thompson, son of Louisiana State Senator Francis Thompson, and action which infuriated complainants Judy Fasola (Ken Buhler victim) and Betty Jo Story (Marlo Schmidt victim).




March 11, 2014 Highlights


LAPA President Rev. Phillips ensures that mere $5 processing fee for 2015 resident licensee renewal will be on the agenda for May 6, 2014


Discussions with Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission are updated.   


LALB further discusses plans to place more teeth into apprentice licensing program. 


Attorney contracts (Bankston, $25,000; Dow, $15,000; AG Office, $10,000) are approved in lightening speed of under a minute. 


Administrative hearing for auctioneer Kevin Mixon.



January 15, 2014 Highlights


LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp, after arriving 15 minutes late, makes a complete fool of herself at the outset of the meeting.


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips EVENTUALLY is given the opportunity to express his concerns over the Inspector General report NOT being on the agenda and the fact that the hiring of the law firm Shows, Cali is NOT on the agenda.  Attorney Bankston's response:  take it up with the Legislature.


Auctioneer (and Vice Chairman) James Sims and auctioneer Jeff Henderson REPEATEDLY speak in barely audible voices, resulting in LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips REPEATEDLY asking for higher volume from those two individuals.  As a result, LALB Security (EBRP Deputy Ronald Landry) asks Rev. Phillips to step into the hallway, where Landry proceeds to read Rev. Phillips the riot act for his audacity of expecting to hear LALB deliberations! 


A subdued discussion of the Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commissions which is devoid of all the hell-raising diatribes which Sims and McMillin (who was absent for the 1/15/14 meeting) exhibited at the November 5, 2013 meeting. 


Administrative hearing for G & R Auction Barn and discussion of the reinstatement of the auction business license of The Auction Barn, both of Pineville, LA.




November 5, 2013 Highlights


LALB prepares for FULL-BLOWN war with Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission in 2014 Legislative session. 


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns emphasizes need to formalize LALB's hiring of a THIRD law firm (Shows, Cali, & Walsh, LLC) and the fact that legal fees are on pace to consume 50-70% of all licensee fees for FYE 6/30/14. 


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips continues to spar with Board attorney Larry S. Bankston regarding a LAPA link on the LALB's website.  


For unspecified reasons, The Auction Barn's reinstatement application is heard in Executive Session


LAPA Vice Chairman James Sims seeks to discontinue the issuance of ALL apprentice licenses; however, Board attorney Anna Dow informs him such action would be illegal until the LALB has stripped apprentice license statutes during the 2014 Louisiana legislative session. 



September 10, 2013 Meeting Highlights


Mark Brister's license IMMEDIATELY suspended (no hearing) due to "his arrest pending charges entailing the sale of stolen goods." 


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips addresses LALB relaying he has "no intention whatsoever" of backing down regarding obtaining a link for LAPA on the LALB's website


Hearings:  Marlo Schmidt and Grover Phipps


Consent agreement for Manheim Auctions entailing their illegal use of Alabama auctioneer Barry Shackelford to conduct auctions in Louisiana


Update on discussions with Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission. 


Advancement of legislative initiative to abolish apprentice program


Modification to renewal applications to accommodate deferred adjudication programs


Introduction of new form for public members desiring to address LALB by adding a line-item to the agenda. 


Secretary-Treasurer Jacobs-Levy issues accommodation for Chairman Steinkamp. 


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns provides visual evidence to LALB that he is no longer an auction licensee. 



July 9, 2013 Meeting Highlights


Newly-elected LAA President Wiley Collins lambasts LAPA (LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips & Vice President Robert Burns issue off-site video response). 


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips voices dissatisfaction with the LALB's decision not to place a link for LAPA on its website and states that, if it is not changed, he plans to "challenge" the Board's decision "without any remorse." 


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns makes clear his steadfast resolve to obtain the LALB check register for FYE 6/30/13.  Upon obtaining same, Burns uncovers that an UNSPECIFIED individual has been approved for attending the NAA Convention without the LALB formally approving same. 


Without any rationale WHATSOEVER, the LALB rakes Brian Kuzdas' company application, Real, over the coals, with one Board Member, Darlene Jacobs-Levy, going so far as to vote AGAINST the application!


James Sims' apprentice proposal is discussed at length. 


Update on ongoing discussions with the Used Motor Vehicle Commission regarding auto auctions and with the Louisiana Real Estate Commission regarding real estate auctions.


May 20, 2013 Meeting Highlights


Auctioneer Barbara Bonnette discusses desire for LALB to clamp down on online real estate auctions being conducted by Louisiana real estate agents and brokers with no auction license.


Ms. Bonnette also vents her frustration at the Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission requiring both a dealer's license and separately-issued (by them) auction license to auction autos in Louisiana. 


Extensive revamp of apprentice license criteria discussed (including reference to complaints about auctioneers from Alabama and Mississippi coming into Louisiana and conducting auctions with no Louisiana auction license).


 Barry Shackelford, Alabama auctioneer, has his Louisiana auctioneer application discussed in Executive Session due to Mr. Shackelford having purportedly conducted auctions in Louisiana with no Louisiana auction license


LALB lifts all restrictions on the auction license of Ken Buhler.



March 5, 2013 Meeting Highlights


Hearing:  LALB v. Ken Buhler / Estate Auction Services (hearing was postponed until March 26, 2013 due to lack of a quorum on 3/5/13).


 LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp and Vice Chairman James Sims continue their relentless personal attacks against LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips


Rev. Phillips seeks elaboration on LAPA being included on the LALB's website and responds to LALB Attorney Larry Bankston's recommendation NOT to add the link


Rev. Phillips seeks verbatim roll call responses in 11/5/12 minutes.  


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns discusses serious IRREGULARITIES in the billing invoices of LALB attorneys Anna Dow and Larry Bankston


LALB Member Hal McMillin extols the virtues of auction school vs. the apprentice route for auction licensure.  LAPA points out the hypocrisy of Mr. McMillin's stand given that, at the 11/5/12 LALB meeting, he readily admitted he had no intention of reporting an "auctioneer" operating with no license! 


Discussion of apprentice parameters going forward. 


Discussion of Barbara Bonnette's issue of the Louisiana Used Motor Vehicle Commission's stand that a separate auction license is required from them for auctioning autos



January 8, 2013 Meeting Highlights


Former LALB Executive Assistant Sherrie Wilks attempts to make public comment but is shut down before she ever gets started.  Undeterred, Ms. Wilks makes post-meeting video that is a tell-all regarding what all she encountered during her last year with the LALB, including her reporting incidents of THEFT OF LALB FUNDS by Former LALB Board Members!!! 


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips inquires regarding why LAPA's website has not been added to the LALB website given that LAPA was formed over a year ago. 


Phillips further expresses frustration at the LALB's public comment policy and enforcement.  Similarly, LAPA Vice President Robert Burns expresses frustration with the LALB's public comment policy and enforcement and engages in a heated exchange with LALB Attorney Larry Bankston


Discussion of the fact that Jerry Rosato made a payment on his fine levied against him at the July, 2012 LALB meeting and is licensed for 2013. 


Auctioneer Ken Buhler is scheduled for a hearing on March 5, 2013. 


LALB attempts to place "genie back in the bottle" in a farce of a "re-do" of the "deliberations" regarding LALB v. Robert Burns (see 9/17/12 videos below).



November 5, 2012 Meeting Highlights (audio only - no videos)


Hearing Recaps:  (LALB v. Wade Deshotel & LALB v. Wilson Auctioneers - with link for detailed analysis). 


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns presents video of 11/3/12 outlining LAPA structure for 2013 and beyond. 


LALB's Vice Chairman James Sims lambasts Gov. Bobby Jindal over the Governor's suspending of per diems.  


LALB Member Greg Bordelon and Vice Chairman James Sims respond to roll call with "I's here," and "I's here too" with considerable laughter accompanying the responses. 


LALB Member Hal McMillin  readily admits to knowledge of an "auctioneer" operating with no license but says he won't turn him in because "he's a writer for the local paper and he'll chastise me in his will all come back to me!


LALB Vice Chairman James Sims manages to offend LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp with his categorizing of auctioneers and stating that "auctioneers in my neck of the woods are convinced witch hunts are being conducted down here." 


LALB continues to "punt" on former auctioneer Jean Vidos. 


Jerry Rosato not making installment payments on his fine imposed at the 7/16/12 meeting (see below). 


LALB members continue making disparaging remarks about Mississippi licensing authorities. 


Auction school vendor fees abolished.  



September 17, 2012 Meeting Highlights


Auctioneer Robert Burns' hearing (focus on LALB employment agreement and "BLATANT PAYROLL FRAUD" questioning by LALB attorney Larry Bankston regarding the LALB's employment of Ms. Sandy Edmonds, dual role of Anna Dow as General Counsel & Prosecuting Attorney). 


Spirited discussion regarding LALB revamping definition / parameters of use of ABSOLUTE AUCTION advertising. 


Discussion of the fact Jerry Rosato is reportedly unable to pay the $1,500 fine imposed upon him at 7/16/12 meeting (see below). 


Discussion of potential future hearings for Jean Vidos (former owner of New Orleans Auction Galleries), Joe Wilson, and Wade Deshotel.   


Board Member James Sims opens Board discussion regarding frustrations expressed by licensees regarding the LALB's complaint and investigative procedures currently in place


Subdued (by prior Board Meeting standards) discussion regarding MS reciprocity licensing


July 16, 2012 Meeting Highlights


Jerry Rosato hearing (walks away due to videotaping - Board proceeds without him). 


Cecil Brown hearing. 


Terse rhetoric heats up considerably regarding MS reciprocity licensing


Discussion of LALB revamping definition / parameters of use of ABSOLUTE AUCTION advertising


Stuart Holbrook reinstatement (firm being sued by Candy Spelling, widow of the late producer Aaron Spelling). 


Larry Bankston, newly-hired co-counsel of LALB, provides fundamental guidance to Board on Robert's Rules of Order.  


Wording of proposed statute to enable Board to acquire building discussed.



May 21, 2012 Meeting Highlights


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns poses six (6) issues/questions during opening five (5) minute public comment period.  Table outlines questions/issues & LALB's  response/ feedback. 


Spirited (but professional and courteous) discussion and debate about out-of-state reciprocity (particularly Mississippi). 


Final stages of New Orleans Auction Galleries (NOAG) bankruptcy / 3 known bidders and provision for any other to surface. 


Renewal of Anna Dow contract as legal counsel and hiring of Larry Bankston as outside counsel for disciplinary matters in which Dow has conflict


Update on LALB's status regarding buying a building to house its operations


NAA / NALLOA convention attendance for 2012. 



March 19, 2012 Meeting Highlights


The following Board Members DEMANDED that the power supply be cut-off to LAPA's video efforts less than three minutes into the meeting:  Chairman Tessa Steinkamp, Vice Chairman James Sims, Lamar Little, Consumer Member Greg Bordelon, Consumer Member Clayton Brister.  LAPA commends Board Member Hal McMillin, who has consistently advocated accommodating videotaping of meetings.  Newest Board Member Darlene Jacobs Levy had not yet arrived at the time of the brief video contained at the above link.  "Steinkamp and Crew" blackout notwithstanding, the above link does contain audio files of the Board's discussions (viewers just have to endure the LAPA logo for video compliments of the "Steinkamp and Crew" blackout).



January 23, 2012 Meeting Highlights

David Goldberg to appeal denial of license (see 11/15/11 meeting).


 LALB Executive Session:  "Threat of litigation."........IDB meeting (1/26/12):  Executive Session:  "Threat of litigation."


Ken Buhler license renewal for 2012 (Executive Session)


Vice Chairman James Sims proposes reinstituting oral portion of license exam.


IDB/LALB lease inequity discussed.


IDB reaction to revelation for lease modification by LALB.


Discussion of license issuance between Board Meetings.


Hal McMillin "don't sweat small stuff" (board rules regarding standing / use of power supply to film meetings).


Steinkamp challenged on stating State Fire Marshall says 34 people can fit in conference room.


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips challenges ban on tripods for filming meetings.



November 15, 2011 Meeting Highlights


David Goldberg reinstatement consideration.


N. O. Auction Galleries bankruptcy update.


Marvin Henderson sales tax suit in Livingston Parish.


Sandy Edmonds (Executive Assistant) $2,500 pay raise proposal.


James Sims (Vice Chairman) seeks storage/internet auction legislation.


Use of Burk Baker school for meeting.


Donald Beisch disciplinary action.



September 19, 2011 Meeting Highlights


Anna Dow (Board Attorney) to Rev. Freddie Phillips, Board Member, "You carrying a weapon?"


Dow presents controversial "new Board rules.".


Hal McMillin seeks deferral of new rules.


LALB / IDB move to Newcastle.


3rd Party outside counsel hiring.


James Sims, Vice Chairman, speaks on CAT auctions.


Third discussion of Kathleen Sue White's sales tax issues.


July 18, 2011 Meeting Highlights


LAPA President Phillips seeks claim on Dow malpractice policy (Dow = "Pursue Phillips' license.").


Phillips seeks recovery of Dow billing for NALLOA (Sims = "after-the-fact witch hunt.").


Philips seeks new Vice Chair election due to N. O. Auction Gallery bankruptcy (Chairman Steinkamp - employed there = "Section 3121.").


Third Party outside counsel discussions (Bordelon = "issue restraining orders.").


Phillips seeks Edmonds reprimand for 3/21/11 remarks.


Edmonds:  "security hired for IDB due to Burns/Phillips."


Phillips seeks 2008 NALLOA reimbursement.


Phillips seeks $97 for 11/17/10 LA Legislative Hearing.


Phillips seeks travel voucher irregularity policy.


Update on N. O. Auction Gallery bankruptcy (Chairman Steinkamp employed there).


Kevin Kelly settlement (license fee paid from escrow). 


June 20, 2011 Meeting Highlights


Barney Carter auction school guidance in light of felony conviction.


Rosemont ownership change (Rene Ortleib / Deborah Nicosia) in light of Ortleib felony conviction.


Michael DeGeorge (Chairman Steinkamp's son) reinstatement.


Kathleen "Sue" White sales tax and ignoring subpoena discussion.


Bankruptcy of N. O. Auction Galleries (employs Chairman Steinkamp) discussion.


LALB move discussion.



March 21, 2011 Meeting Highlights


WAFB (Channel 9) investigative reporters attend.


Board Attorney Anna Dow reacts to WAFB attendance.


LAPA President Phillips expresses frustration over his items not being permitted on agenda.


Phillips seeks travel voucher irregularities policy.


LALB accepts lawsuit settlement offer of Robert Burns.


Age-Exempt license dilemma resolved.


Burns calls Edmonds on carpet.


Edmonds:  "Philips should NOT be a representative of LALB since he's suing the Board." 


January 10, 2011 Meeting Highlights


LALB Attorney Anna Dow repeatedly threatens to sue LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips.


Dow uneasy about LAPA Vice President Robert Burns videotaping.


Max number of apprentices being sponsored is discussed. 


Edmonds employment agreement modification discussed at length along with $2,000 pay raise.


LALB adopts records destruction policy.


FEMA trailer complaints discussed.



December 6, 2010 Meeting Highlights (audio only - no videos)


Ms. Linda Williams, past Ken Buhler victim, gives impassioned appeal for license to be denied.


Barbara Bonnette explains conducting auction in Texas with no license and deceiving LALB regarding same (gets hostile toward LALB).



September 20, 2010 Meeting Highlights


Ken Buhler license reinstatement.




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