(regulatory body overseeing auction licensing in Louisiana)
Calendar Year 2013 Financial Information:
Legal Schedules and Invoices




Larry Bankston Legal Billings 2013 (One-Page Schedule):  $24,099.48


Anna Dow Legal Billings for 2013 (One-Page Schedule):  $13,996.75 + $3,453.01 Investigative = $17,449.76.


Notation:  Total Legal Billings for 2013:  $41,549.24 (appx. 38% of all licensees fees collected for calendar year 2013).


Notation:  Cumulative Billings for Larry Bankston = $33,837.43




Larry Bankston - General Legal Services Invoices



Larry Bankston - Invoices for Robert Burns v. LALB



Larry Bankston - Invoices for LALB v. Ken Buhler



Larry Bankston - Invoices for Rev. Freddie Phillips & Robert Burns v. LALB




Anna Dow - General Legal Services





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