Henderson Auction Lawsuits Against:
1.  Charles Easler (South Carolina) & his company,
WorldNet Auctions;
2.  Blake Everett et. al.
3.  Lloyd Henderson (Marvin's brother) et. al.

Henderson Auctions Sales Tax Lawsuit;

Betty Jo Story's Courtroom Victory Over
Auctioneer Marlo Schmidt on October 29, 2014



Henderson Auctions vs. Charles Easler & WorldNet Auctions


Video Date:  10/15/16:  LAPA Vice President Robert Burns outlines the latest lawsuit entailing
Henderson Auctions in which South Carolina auctioneer Charles
Easler and his company, WouldNet Auctions, have been named as defendants.
Easler / Worldnet Answer to Lawsuit     Motion to Substitute Defense Attorneys
The above video continues LAPA's providing auctioneers with CONTINUING
EDUCATION (this time the concept of WITHHOLDING proceeds to repay
the financing of consigned goods). 



Henderson Auctions vs. Blake Everett et. al.



Video Date:  10/15/16.  Update on the Henderson Auctions v. Blake Everett et. al.
litigation during which LAPA Vice President Robert Burns has to dress down
 LALB Executive Director Sandy Edmonds and legal counsel Larry S. Bankston.


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7/5/16:  Gov. Edwards' Auction Corruption Train Surpasses Jindal's with Henderson Alleged Fraud


6/11/16:  LALB Member Jeff Henderson backed into Suing Marvin Henderson



Video Date:  3/8/16:  LAPA Vice President Robert Burns updates auctioneers on
the latest developments in the JAH Enterprises (Henderson Auctions)
v. Blake Everett, et. al. litigation to include Everett having
filed suit against Henderson in Federal Court in Baton Rogue

Supporting Documents:

1.  Curator fee of $350 taxed as costs in the litigation by David Guidry.

2.  Transfer of litigation from 21st JDC State Court to Baton Rouge Federal Court.

3.  Order setting early deadlines (4/14 & 4/28) established for Federal litigation.

4.  Motion to Dismiss Sam Everett (Blake's father) from litigation.

5.  Answer and Countersuit filed by Everett.

6.  Spreadsheet asserting that Henderson owes Everett over $600,000.

7.  Order for oral arguments on Sam Everett's Dismissal (Denied)
 and assignment to Magistrate Judge to consider the matter.


Video Date:  1/25/16.  Quick review & update on litigation
 between Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board Member
Jeff Henderson (owner of JAH Enterprises d/b/a
Henderson Auctions) and Blake Everett.

Supporting Documents:

1.  Transfer of Crown Casino Vessel:  Jeff Henderson to Everett on 12/3/13.

Lawsuit filed 5/27/14 in Livingston Parish of JAH Enterprises v. Everett et. al.

3.  Lis Pendens filed by JAH (Jeff Henderson) in Mississippi on 6/4/14.

4.  8/25/14 motion by JAH to hire private process server to serve Everett.

5.  7/7/15 signed order by Mississippi judge expunging Lis Pendens.

6.  1/22/16 Henderson Ex Parte Motion:  appoint attorney to represent Everett in Livingston Parish

Video Date:  9/9/14.  LAPA Vice President Robert Burns explains the pitfalls of serving as principal (owner)
 in merchandise offered for sale at auction, particularly when multiple
 owners are involved. Burns illustrates the high level of trust that's required for such
 situations by illustrating a lawsuit filed by JAH Enterprises d/b/a/ Henderson Auctions
 after things went haywire entailing the sale of a casino boat jointly owned by JAH Enterprises
 (which is itself owned by LALB Member Jeff Henderson) and Blake
 Everett, a former Henderson Auctions business partner.
Update:  10/13/14.  Thus far, service to Everett hasn't been able to be facilitated via
U. S. mail.  Hence, JAH filed this motion to hire a private process server to serve the Everetts.


Henderson Auctions vs. Lloyd Henderson et. al.

Video Date: 10/13/14.  LAPA Vice President Robert Burns elaborates upon
 this lawsuit of JAH (Henderson Auctions) v. Lloyd Henderson et. al.
in which JAH complains of new competition by Lloyd Henderson
 and an infringement upon trade marks, etc. in forming that competition.

The lawsuit cites a deliberate attempt to create confusion as to the identities of the
two companies (even to the extent of substantial duplication in the appearance
of the Henderson Auctions website vs. the Henderson and Henderson Auctioneers website).

Burns also briefly recaps ALL of the other outstanding lawsuits known to exist in
the Louisiana auction industry, including the JAH v. Everett et. al. lawsuit presented below
and those of Burns and/or Phillips v. LALB


Louisiana Department of Revenue v. Henderson Auctions

 Video Date:  9/9/14.  LAPA Vice President Robert Burns provides a primer in terms of a background
of the LALB's sharply divergent treatment of Kathleen Sue White vs.
Board Member Jeff Henderson (Marvin Henderson's son) regarding
allegations of unpaid sales taxes.  This "stroll down memory lane"
is provided as a result of the upcoming trial of LA Dept. of Revenue v. JAH Enterprises

being scheduled to convene the week of Monday, September 15, 2014 in Livingston Parish, a venue
in which Marvin Henderson has stated:  "They (the LA Dept. of Revenue) don't want to try me
in Livingston Parish."  CLICK HERE to see a copy of the original suit filed by the
LA Dept. of Revenue.



Betty Jo Story's Courtroom Victory Over Louisiana Auctioneer Marlo Schmidt

Video Date:  10/29/14. LAPA Vice President Robert Burns visits with Ms. Betty Jo Story
 at her home only 20 minutes after she attained a court award of
 $4,102.29 (plus court costs) in DeRidder, LA against
auctioneer Marlo Schmidt.  Ms. Story also relays that she
requested to address the LALB (by completing its official form to do so)
regarding the fact that Mr. Schmidt had steadfastly refused to
negotiate a settlement with her [in direct defiance of a directive
given to him by Board Member Darlene Jacobs-Levy (see video below)].
In response, Ms. Story relays that, on or around August 22, 2014, LALB
Executive Director Sandy Edmonds telephoned her and relayed that it
"would be a waste of your time."  Ms. Story relayed that Ms. Edmonds' response to her
 request prompted her to sue the LALB (CLICK HERE to track that lawsuit).
CLICK HERE to follow the entire ordeal Ms. Story endured entailing Schmidt & the LALB.




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