Public Comment Policy





May 5, 2015



 LAPA Vice President Robert Burns emphasizes that, pursuant to oral arguments
before the First Circuit Court of Appeals, an LALB hearing DEFINITELY constitutes
a meeting of the board.  Thus, Burns states that a period of public comment is
 REQUIRED.  Burns also speaks on the approval of the attorneys' contracts.



LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips makes public
comment seeking increased transparency on the part of the LALB
and openly questioning how the board can justify continuing
to employ two attorneys on such a small board.







January 15, 2014





After arriving 15 minutes late to begin the meeting, LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp
makes a complete fool of herself (not an infrequent occurrence) in taking a VERY, VERY hostile attitude to LAPA
President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips before he even says a word!

Rev. Phillips also seeks to address the issue that the December 9, 2013 Louisiana Inspector General Report
entailing LALB payroll irregularities is NOT on the agenda, nor is the hiring of the law firm Shows Cali despite the
fact that the LALB has now been employing the firm for nearly three (3) months as of the date of this meeting
(the LALB didn't have the hiring of the firm on its November 5, 2013 agenda either despite the firm having gone to work
performing LALB legal work in October of 2013).

Convicted felon attorney Larry S. Bankston, the second of three attorneys hired by the LALB,
tells Rev. Phillips to "take your concerns up with the Legislature."







January 8, 2013



Former LALB Executive Director Sherrie Wilks' public comment
regarding the "I's here" roll-call responses is shut down before she even starts.



Former LALB Executive Director Sherrie Wilks, denied the opportunity to speak as evidenced
above, chose to express her sentiments soon after the 1/8/13 meeting.



Former Executive Director of the Louisiana Auctioneer Licensing Board (LALB), Sherrie Wilks,
 vents frustration on January 9, 2013 regarding the LALB's "public comment policy." Ms. Wilks sought to
 express her frustration at the January 8, 2013 LALB meeting; however, LALB Co-Counsel, Larry S. Bankston,
 himself a convicted felon, stated that she would NOT be permitted to address the issue. Hence, she chose to do so the next day via video. 




LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips Inquires as to Why LAPA's Website Link
Has NOT Been Placed on the LALB Website and Expresses Frustration
 at the Public Comment Policy and Implementation of the LALB



LAPA Vice President Robert Burns Makes Public Comment
 and Expresses His Frustration at the Public Comment Policy and Implementation of the LALB

CLICK HERE for Email Sent by Burns to LALB Attorney Bankston Outlining the Utter Fallacy of Bankston's Arguments

CLICK HERE for email from Bankston to Burns dated 12/21/12 EXPRESSLY stating that Burns would be permitted to speak!!!

Of course, Mr. Bankston reneged on his WRITTEN assurance that Burns could speak on the matter of illegal per diem payments
(Note:  Gov. Jindal's Office subsequently informed the LALB that the payments were in fact illegal, and the Board Members had
to write checks back to the LALB for the illegal payments).



CLICK HERE for litigation filed as a result of the LALB failing to permit LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips to speak on the "I's here," roll call responses at the January 8, 2013 LALB meeting as well as Burns' denied right to speak on the illegal per diem payments which convicted felon Larry S. Bankston appeared to be "going to the wall" to assist LALB Members in being able to keep notwithstanding the illegal nature of the checks having been written in the first place!!




March 19, 2012



 Over the objections of EVERY audience member present, the LALB, with the exception of Board Member Hal McMillin,
crams down an incredibly unpopular "public comment" policy.  Despite LAPA Vice President Robert Burns' warning
the Open Meetings lawsuits would likely ensue (and they have) from passage, the LALB voted to go headstrong with its policy!







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