Reduction in LA-Resident Licensing Fee



January 23, 2017:



LALB begins infighting among members about how to handle LAPA President
 Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips' proposal to reduce the in-state auctioneer renewal fee from $150
to $50 until the massive cash hoard, as reflected in the balance sheet at the link above, is
 substantially reduced.  Though all board members appear in agreement to reduce the fee,
they disagree over whether to reduce it to $100 or $50.
CLICK HERE for Sound Off Louisiana feature on Vice Chairman James Sims' hostile
reaction to LAPA Vice President Robert Burns' suggestion to Gov. John Bel Edwards on
what to do with all the excess cash laying around.





January 5, 2017:



With the enthusiastic support of LALB Member Darlene Jacobs-Levy, Rev. Phillips requests agenda item for 1/23/17 entailing $50 renewal fee for IN-STATE license renewals for 2018.




July 11, 2016:



Phillips openly confronts LALB Chairman Jacob Warren entailing Warren's
steadfast refusal to approve his agenda item calling for a reduction
in in-state license renewals from $150 to $5 until the LALB's cash hoard is reduced
to 150% of the average of the prior three years' operating expenses.





June 23, 2016:



LAPA Vice President Robert Burns & President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips
discuss Rev. Phillips' proposal for a mere $5 processing fee (vs. the normal $150)
to renew Louisiana-resident auction licenses.  The renewal fee would remain
in place for years to come until the LALB's cash balance declines to 150% of
the previous three years' operating expenses.

CLICK HERE for Rev. Phillips $145 in-state license renewal break proposal.

CLICK HERE for LALB Attorney Larry Bankston's response to Phillips' proposal.


CLICK HERE for LAPA Vice President Robert Burns' email
to ALL LALB Members giving Bankston a little smack-down!!!!


CLICK HERE for the Louisiana Attorney General Opinion
 CLEARLY permitting the LALB to charge less than $150 for IN-STATE license renewals.


CLICK HERE to see where the Board DID implement a RULE to force in-state
renewal fees to be $150 (see PAGE 5 of the document).


CLICK HERE for the STATUTE (which "ALWAYS trumps a rule") entailing
the flexibility the LALB to charge LESS THAN $150 for in-state auction
license renewals.

CLICK HERE for Rev. Phillips' attempts to implement a

upon discovering two LALB Members were submitting
 fraudulent travel vouchers.



May 6, 2014:




Discussion of LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips' proposed $5 in-state license renewal for 2015.


0:56 - 1:
Barbara Bonnette:  "I'd rather see a $500 license fee than a $5 license fee."

1:08 - 1:32
  LAA President Wiley Collins:  "Like Barbara, I'd rather see a $500 license fee than a $5 license fee."

2:53 - 3:18
  LAA President Wiley Collins:  "I'd still pay $150 even if $5 fee passes."

Since Mr. Collins is so free-wheeling with paying excess licensing fees, perhaps his funds
could be put to better use satisfying his $21,000 Federal Tax Lien.  Surely the IRS would be appreciative!!

3:25 - 4:14

Barbara Bonnette associate Chris Lemoine places an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper directly
in front of LAPA's camera in an
attempt to block videotaping of Ms. Bonnette's comments,
resulting in an episode more appropriate for a Jerry Springer episode than a professional meeting.

3:50 - 4:00
  LAA President Wiley Collins:  "We're tired of all these f---ing disruptions."


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns responds to the LALB's action on Rev. Phillips
proposed $5 in-state license renewal fee for 2015.
If you are a Louisiana-licensed auctioneer, YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!!






April 22, 2014:



LAPA Vice President Robert Burns Explains $5 renewal fee, its expected impact
on LALB financial statements going forward, and the projected savings
to EACH Louisiana-resident auctioneer of $1,160.
CLICK HERE for one-page itemization of LALB financial impacts Burns references.
For the Louisiana Attorney General opinion granting flexibility on the license
fee the LALB charges LOUISIANA-resident auctioneers, CLICK HERE.









March 11, 2014:



LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp reassures that LAPA's proposal for Louisiana auction
residents to be able to renew their 2015 auction licenses for a mere $5 processing fee
WILL be on the agenda for the May 6, 2014 meeting.

NOTE:  As evidenced by this AG Opinion dated January 20, 2009 and obtained
by LAPA Vice President Robert Burns when he served on the LALB, the
LALB does, repeat DOES, have the discretion to waive a license fee for
all LOUISIANA-resident auctioneers.  It does NOT, however, have that
discretion for NON-RESIDENT auctioneers.






January 15, 2014:


Citing the astounding $263,000 the LALB has accumulated in CASH, LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips proposed a License Fee Reduction down to a mere $5 processing fee for Louisiana resident auctioneers.  Rev. Phillips proposed that this license fee reduction continue each calendar year until the cash balance is reduced down to 150% of the average expenses for the past three (3) fiscal years.  Rev. Phillips made formal request for the item to be added to the March 11, 2014 LALB meeting so that the fee reduction for 2015 could be incorporated into the fiscal note applicable before the renewals are mailed out in September for 2015 licensing fee renewals.




May 21, 2012:


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns, from the 1:55 - 2:34 mark, emphasizes that the license fee reduction
has been wildly popular with Louisiana auctioneers; nevertheless, Chairman Steinkamp and Vice Chairman
Sims have provided extensive run-around as to why they've not chosen to address the issue.
As mentioned in the video segment, each said after the March, 2012 meeting that "509 prevents that."  509 turned out to be HB 509 of that 2012
Legislative session, and Ms. Steinkamp subsequently admitted they had "misinterpreted 509" in that regard.
Rev. Phillips has indicated that LAPA intends to PRESS THIS ISSUE HARD and force the LALB's hand on the matter
given the obscene levels of cash which the agency has accumulated over the last several years.





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