LALB Check Register for FYE 6/30/13



July 9, 2013




 LAPA Vice President Robert Burns emphasizes his steadfast resolve to obtain the LALB's check register for FYE 6/30/13.

Under threat of Writ of Mandamus by Mr. Burns, the LALB caved the next day and provided the

Page 24, Check # 7393, Clearing on 6/13/13:  LALB WITHOUT ANY SCRUTINY or VOTE, issues check for an UNSPECIFIED
person to attend 2013 NAA Convention.  Historically, Board has approved and scrutinized prospective attendees:

Delmar "Buster" Gay (former long-time LALB Chairman and former long-time LAA President):

"We're kind of careful who we send to the convention....Don't want anyone who would be an embarrassment attending."

Tessa Steinkamp (CURRENT LALB Chairman):

"Freddie, I wouldn't want you to represent this Board."

Suddenly, someone is held in such high esteem that neither public scrutiny nor public Board approval is necessary
for that person's NAA Conference attendance.  Just issue the check, and off that person goes!!!!!  Wonder who that individual may be??????

UPDATE (January 6, 2014)


As many in the auction community in Louisiana speculated, the NAA Convention trip was taken by Executive Director Sandy Edmonds as evidenced by Ms. Edmonds' travel voucher.  Yes, that's the same Sandy Edmonds who has been the subject of extensive payroll irregularities with BOTH the Auctioneer's Licensing Board and the Interior Design Board. 


As referenced above, this conference attendance occurred without ANY Board scrutiny, vote, or anything.  Who approved the travel?  Well, the same individual who was so adamant that Rev. Phillips (as a Board Member) had no business attending the NAA Conference as an LALB representative (see audio clip above).  That's also the same Tessa Steinkamp that, as of January 6, 2014 is the only LALB Member having been definitively identified as hiring attorney Larry S. Bankston (on March 9, 2012, some 75 days before she bothered with having the LALB formally approve her prior undisclosed decision).  As most folk are aware, Mr. Bankston is a convicted felon.









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