Recent Success Stories of LAPA Members


Rev. Freddie Phillips / Robert Burns


Third Annual Gala & Auction:  Trafficking Hope
 (charity devoted to stopping human sex trafficking of minors)
LA State Museum @ 660 N 4th St., Baton Rouge, LA
April 20, 2013

(To View Gracious Thank You Cards from the Trafficking Hope crew, CLICK HERE).

LAPA auctioneers Rev. Freddie Phillips and Robert Burns were delighted to serve as the auctioneers for the 3rd annual benefit gala and auction for Trafficking Hope, a nonprofit organization whose focus is stopping human sex trafficking of minors in the United States. 


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips raises nearly $70,000
 through auctioning of nine (9) items and subsequent appeal
 for funds for cottages and staff housing


CLICK HERE to see the 2nd Annual Trafficking Hope Auction Gala Held on April 21, 2012


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