LAPA Vice President Robert Burns on Shill Bidding


What is Shill Bidding?


Shill bidding is defined as the placement of "plants" in the bidding audience whose sole purpose is to artificially inflate the bid and who have no intention of buying the property.

LAPA members detest shill bidding and view it as DESPICABLE, DISHONEST, UNETHICAL, AND FRAUDULENT!  Further, we concur with Steve Proffitt (Legal Counsel for J. P. King) regarding the evils of shill bidding.

All LAPA members pledge to refrain from EVER deploying shill bidding and to OPENLY CONDEM the utilization of shill bidding by non-LAPA auctioneers.  In short, LAPA members view the practice as an insidious cancer causing irreparable harm to the professionalism, integrity, and transparency of the auction sales method.


CLICK HERE for public statements by LA auctioneers regarding shill bidding.



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