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Robert Edwin Burns:  LAPA Vice-President


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns Just Before Oak Hills Park Auction 02/09/12


Video of Robert Burns Conducting Real Estate Auction in Oak Hills Park S/D in Baton Rouge, LA


Louisiana Auction Experience:  Past President, Auction Sells Fast, LLC.  Mr. Burns enjoyed a decade-long career as a real estate auctioneer focusing on the Baton Rouge, LA area market.  CLICK HERE to see a few historical real estate auctions for Robert Burns and Auction Sells Fast, LLC.  In mid 2013, Mr. Burns decided to transfer the ownership of Auction Sells Fast, LLC to his long-time friend and fellow Glen Oaks High School alumnus, Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips


One of the major factors leading to Mr. Burns' decision to transfer ownership of Auction Sells Fast to Rev. Phillips is Burns' disillusionment with the rank corruption he routinely observed within the auction industry as noted by his video regarding shill bidding.  Mr. Burns further became an outspoken critic of the regulatory body governing auction licensing in Louisiana, the Louisiana Auctioneer's Licensing Board (LALB).


Mr. Burns' observations of the operations of the LALB promoted him to correlate the LALB with the Mafia in this video.  After being approached with the idea by LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips in mid-2011, Mr. Burns decided to work diligently on a project outlined by Rev. Phillips.  That project was the formation and operation of a second trade association for auctioneers in Louisiana (LAPA).  Rev. Phillips outlined the basic criteria for membership in LAPA and agreed to serve as President of the organization.  Mr. Burns agreed to serve as Vice President.  Because of the stringent membership tenet criteria to join LAPA, combined with the relentless pursuit by the LALB of anyone challenging their Mafia tendencies, both Rev. Phillips and Mr. Burns realized few auctioneers, even among their ardent auctioneer supporters, would be willing to publicly associate with LAPA for fear of LALB reprisal such as that outlined on the preceding link.  All one has to do is visit the membership page to realize their prediction in that regard proved accurate.


Prior to becoming a real estate auctioneer, Mr. Burns, a life-long Baton Rouge, LA resident, served as a commercial bank loan review consultant, as an FDIC bank examiner and fraud investigator, and as a loan review analyst at several area banks.  Mr. Burns is also a CPA (inactive) and graduated from LSU in December of 1985 with a B. S. in Finance, at which time he received the University Medal for maintaining a 4.00 GPA throughout his LSU career. 


LAPA Voluntary Disclosures for ROBERT BURNS


Prior Felony Conviction?  No.

Prior Adverse Action by LALB Against Licensee?  Yes.  You be the judge of what all you see at this link.   

Prior Adverse Action by LREC (Louisiana Real Estate Commission), Louisiana Department of Insurance, or State Board of CPAs of Louisiana Against Licensee?  No.


Robert Burns' Signed Oath of Adherence to LAPA's Six (6) Fundamental Tenets.



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