Robert Burns



September 17, 2012 LALB Hearing
 LALB v Robert Burns


Motion to Disband Unsecured Creditors' Committee (UCC) Filed
by New Orleans Auction Galleries (NOAG) Bankruptcy Attorney Stewart Peck


Consider these problems surrounding NOAG:

1.  Over 40 unpaid consignors with balances exceeding $600,000 at the time of NOAG's 4/1/11 bankruptcy filing,

2.  The fact that company operating expenses were being paid with consignor escrowed funds, and

3.  The fact that LALB Chairman, Tessa Steinkamp, despite serving as Vice President, Director, and Treasurer of NOAG right up until 11 days before bankruptcy (she was soon rehired after bankruptcy), never mentioned a word of ANY problems at NOAG to the LALB,


Notwithstanding the above problems, the ONLY formal action the LALB sought to initiate was calling LAPA Vice President Robert Burns in for a hearing regarding a trivial misstatement he made at the November 15, 2011 LALB meeting.  That misstatement entailed Burns' statement that a Motion filed by NOAG Attorney Stewart Peck to disband the UCC had been denied the previous day.  In reality it was Motion for an Expedited Hearing to consider the matter which had been denied.  Nevertheless, the Motion itself was denied on April 3, 2012, and the LALB was fully aware of that fact, yet they convened a hearing anyway!  It's interesting to note the composition of the UCC as of 11/15/11:


1.  Susan Krohn, who was a creditor to the tune of $2 million and against whom NOAG had just filed adversarial proceedings saying, "we may owe you nothing."  Ms. Krohn responded to that statement by subpoenaing the PERSONAL bank records of NOAG owner Jean Vidos.  Ms. Krohn would later win the bidding for NOAG itself and presently owns the company.


2.  Massoud Pouratian, a NOAG bidder based in Los Angeles who, in 2008, bid $114,000 on paintings purportedly to be by famous artists but which purportedly arrived with CHRISTIE'S REJECTION STICKERS on the backs of them as "fakes."  Mr. Pouratian sued NOAG over the alleged fraud in 2010.


3.  Danny Pun, another NOAG bidder who, at the FINAL auction of NOAG pre-bankruptcy (January, 2011) states that he bid approximately $85,000 for a Chicken Blood Stone purported to be authentic but which turned out to be fake and worth only a tine fraction of what he bid.


So, with all of the preceding in mind, what follows is a hearing on Robert Burns' technical error on November 15, 2011 of relaying that Peck's Motion to Disband the UCC had been denied, when, in reality, it was a Motion for an Expedited Hearing to consider the matter which had been denied!!


LALB Meeting:  9/17/12
17-Minute Discussion of
ONE Motion by NOAG's Stewart Peck During Its Bankruptcy
(Peck neither showed up for the hearing nor did the LALB supply any sworn statements from him)




As a result of the preceding episodes entailing NOAG (Pre-Bankruptcy)
 along with numerous other observations LAPA Vice President Robert Burns
made regarding the LALB, Burns produced the preceding video on November 3, 2012
DIRECTLY comparing the LALB with the Mafia!


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