LALB and its Attorney, Larry S. Bankston,
Endure Utterly Embarrassing Defeat in
19th JDC on July 22, 2013 Entailing Ill-Advised Pursuit of
 Writ of Attachment Against LAPA Vice President Robert Burns,

LALB Meetings:  03/26/13 & 5/20/13 (both Hearings for LALB v. Ken Buhler)


Oral arguments were before Judge Todd Hernandez on July 22, 2013, and he issued this ruling DENYING the LALB's Writ on August 28, 2013.  Judge Hernandez supplied a one-sentence explanation:  "the subpoena at issue has now been served."  The Board and Mr. Bankston were well-aware the subpoena had been served and, in fact, they filed the Petition for Writ six (6) days AFTER it was served!!!!  You read correctly!  They filed the Writ SIX (6) days AFTER the subpoena was served (subpoena served 5/7/13 and Petition for Writ filed 5/13/13)!!


 So, at the end of the day, the LALB flushes YET ANOTHER approximate $2,100 on more legal fees in its ongoing relentless and fruitless pursuit of LAPA Vice President Robert Burns.


How easy was it for Burns to defeat the LALB's Petition for Writ?  It took Burns a mere 25 minutes to draft this 3-Page Opposition Memorandum.   Meanwhile, as evidenced by the above "flush" link, Mr. Bankston and his associate, Jenna Linn, billed the LALB for an astounding 16.2 hours to pursue the Writ!!!. 



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