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January 15, 2014



After arriving 15 minutes late to begin the meeting, LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp
makes a complete fool of herself (not an infrequent occurrence) in taking a VERY, VERY hostile attitude to LAPA
President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips before he even says a word!

Rev. Phillips also seeks to address the issue that the December 9, 2013 Louisiana Inspector General Report
entailing LALB payroll irregularities is NOT on the agenda, nor is the hiring of the law firm Shows Cali despite the
fact that the LALB has now been employing the firm for nearly three (3) months as of the date of this meeting
(the LALB didn't have the hiring of the firm on its November 5, 2013 agenda either despite the firm having gone to work
performing LALB legal work in October of 2013).

Convicted felon attorney Larry S. Bankston, the second of three attorneys hired by the LALB,
tells Rev. Phillips to "take your concerns up with the Legislature."




November 5, 2012



LALB Vice Chairman James Sims & Greg Bordelon,
in LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips ONLY Absence in 4 Years
Respond to Roll Call
for 12/22/12 Advocate Article; CLICK HERE for IG Report of 2/20/13
CLICK HERE for 3/9/13 Advocate Follow-up Article




November 16, 2009


Ms. Edmonds was hired on August 10, 2009.  At the first LALB meeting (8/17/09) after her hiring (which transpired WITHOUT Board approval),
then-LALB Member Robert Burns asked if she would be spending significant time in the office, to which Ms. Edmonds
responded, "Oh, I'll be in the office more than you can imagine."  Burns requested the tape of that meeting, but
Ms. Edmonds states the tape has conveniently gone "missing."  Simultaneous with Ms. Edmonds' being employed, there was also an active investigation
being conducted by the Louisiana Office of Inspector General's Office.  Ms. Edmonds bragged to Burns of having copied a critical Inspector General workpaper
and relayed that she had read the workpaper over the phone to then-Chairman James Kenneth Comer.  Rodney Ramsey at the Louisiana Attorney General's
Office confirmed the covert copying in this court filing of October 12, 2011.  Contrary to Mr. Ramsey's statement that the Inspector General's Office "found no fault" with
Ms. Edmonds, LAPA Vice President Robert Burns can state unequivocally that Mr. Street was FURIOUS at Ms. Edmonds' covert act of copying the workpaper and
even more furious with her reading it over the phone to Mr. Comer.  Ms. Edmonds relayed to Mr. Burns that Mr. Comer "about exploded over the phone"
when he learned the identity of the complainant (former LALB Executive Director Sherrie Wilks).  In the audio file above, Ms. Edmonds finds her antics
(most notably her "buttering up" to her new boss, Chairman Comer) are uncontrollably amusing to her as evidenced by her outbursts of laughter.
  Years later, her demeanor at meetings became considerably more somber.  Guess it all became not quite so funny.









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