LALB Lease



March 8, 2016




After LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips weighs in on reinstating CE, he
challenges the fact that the LALB office lease, which was approved by the LALB
for renewal subsequent to his comments, calls for the LALB
to cover an inordinate amount of the lease vis-a-vis the
Interior Design Board.
CLICK HERE for the lease documentation Phillips references,
which calls for the LALB to pay $660/month, whereas the IDB pays only
Despite Phillips' concerns, the LALB approved renewal
of the lease with terms the same as the current lease.

Phillips also goes toe-to-toe with LALB attorney Jenna Linn
for her repetitive pattern of interrupting his public comment
soon after he mentions the acronym "LAPA!"






May 21, 2012




LAPA Vice President Robert Burns, from 3:50 - 5:00, discusses disparity between lease
in terms of LALB on the hook for far more than IDB on hook for as a result of LALB having
to pay 100% of board room expense.  See page one (1) of this link for office floor plan disparity.
between the LALB and IDB in terms of the office space allocated to each.
LALB is stuck paying $17,446.15 for a Boardroom while IDB gets off Scott free!



Discussion of Building Purchase By LALB & IDB Lease Negotiation Update







January 23, 2012



LALB / IDB Lease Disparity Discussion & Proposed Fix by James Sims.




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