Louisiana's Auction Laws Regarding Shill Bidding:


Louisiana's actual laws on shill bidding are presented below.


Here's a synopsis:  Shill bidding is ILLEGAL in Louisiana UNLESS it's divulged beforehand in advertising or announced prior to commencing the auction.  Furthermore, if shill bidding for the owner is transpiring, it is REQUIRED to be posted on prominent display at the auction premises.


Now for the actual auction statutes backing up the above synopsis:





3129. Shills

A. No person acting as auctioneer shall purchase, either directly or indirectly, any property at a sale made by him except as provided in R.S. 37:3130. Any such sale is null.

B. No person shall act at any auction sale as bidder or what is commonly known as "capper," "booster," or "shill" or place or offer to place any false bids or offer to buy or pretend to buy any property sold or offered for sale by auction.


3130. Absentee bidder; consignor or property owner; public notice required

Notwithstanding any provision of this Chapter to the contrary, an auctioneer may bid on behalf of an absentee bidder for the protection of a consignor or owner of property sold or offered for sale at an auction. Prior to the commencement of the auction, the auctioneer shall provide public notice of the right and intention of the auctioneer to bid by printing such notice in the auction catalogue, other printed matter on the auction, or any newspaper advertisements publicizing the event or by announcing at the opening of the auction the intention to bid. In addition to the requirement for prior notice of intention of the auctioneer to bid as provided herein, written notice of the intention of the auctioneer to bid at an auction shall be openly displayed on the auction premises during the auction. Failure to provide this notice or to make the announcement shall nullify the sale.





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