Robert Burns



September 17, 2012 LALB Hearing
 LALB v Robert Burns


Executive Assistant Sandy Edmonds
 "Blatant Payroll Fraud" Segment



LALB Meeting:  9/17/12
5:00 - 8:22 Burns' attorney, Robert Loren Kleinpeter stresses that the Edmonds payroll fraud
issue is
NOT something for which the LALB can sanction Burns.  His itemization of sanctionable criteria
is immediately followed by LALB Member Darlene Jacobs-Levy, an attorney with
 43 years practicing law in Louisiana, making an appeal to the Administrative Law Judge to issue a
Directed Verdict and dismiss the entire matter.

8:40 - 9:30 LALB Attorney Larry S. Bankston relays there's
no question" Burns' accounts are "false and misleading."


9:47 - 18:00 Bankston point-blank asks Burns if he "believes" Ms. Edmonds is committing payroll fraud.
Burns then provides a lengthy recount of all that led up to that hearing that day, and the Administrative
Law Judge ultimately sustains an objection by Kleinpeter to continued questioning, which had
clearly been an unmitigated disaster for Bankston!!


21:29 - 22:38 Mr. Lowery admitted, under oath, that he relayed that, when someone purports to work when,
in reality, they did not work those hours, that's "
payroll fraud," and that he did in fact
refer Mr. Burns and Ms. Wilks on to the Legislative Auditor's Office (or the Inspector General's Office)
for further proceedings to be commenced since Ms. Edmonds is unclassified and therefore not
under the jurisdiction of Civil Service in terms of his office's ability to pursue payroll fraud allegations.



  Burns Makes 11/03/12 Post-Hearing Commentary on Sandy Edmonds
 Payroll Fraud Questioning

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