Marvin Henderson



Brief Historical Background:


As Mr. Henderson is quick to tell any audience to whom he begins speaking, he began his auction career in 1958Henderson Auctions, located in Livingston, Louisiana, is actually a d/b/a (doing business as), and the actual name of  Henderson Auctions is J. A. H. Enterprises, an entity controlled by Mr. Henderson's son, Jeff Henderson, a member of the LALB appointed in early 2013 by Gov. Jindal, and Janet Cagley, Mr. Henderson's daughter.  The entity was founded in 1992.


Prior to the founding of J. A. H. Enterprises d/b/a Henderson Auctions, Mr. Henderson did encounter, as he describes it, some "tough times" in the 1980s.  Those "rough times" includes Mr. Henderson pleading guilty to mail fraud in the Middle District of Alabama.  For his felony conviction for mail fraud, Mr. Henderson received three years probation and 300 hours of community service.  Mr. Henderson's Alabama auction license, which had been suspended as a result of his felony conviction, was reinstated after Mr. Henderson served his probationary period.


Not all of Mr. Henderson's problems ended in the late 1980s; however, as evidenced by this Judgment from the Mississippi State Revenue Department subsequently recorded in Livingston Parish on August 7, 2001.  Additionally, the Louisiana Department of Revenue filed this lawsuit for alleged nonpayment of sales taxes against Mr. Jeff Henderson's company, JAH Enterprises d/b/a Henderson Auctions.  After a 7-year legal battle, an out-of-court settlement was reached in the days leading up to the September 15, 2014 trial. 



May 18, 2010:


 Marvin Henderson Testifies Before House Committee on Criminal Justice AGAINST Strengthening Shill Bidding Laws


Mr. Henderson testifies AGAINST HB 1439, a bill by Rep. Damon Baldone (D-Houma) to strengthen shill bidding laws in Louisiana




August 2, 2010:


 Marvin Henderson Rails Against LAPA Vice President Robert Burns for His Testimony IN FAVOR of Strengthening Shill Bidding Laws


Mr. Henderson rails against LALB Vice President Robert Burns regarding his house testimony IN FAVOR of strengthening shill bidding laws in Louisiana




November 15, 2011:


Marvin Henderson Rails Against LAPA Vice President Robert Burns for Dragging Him Into the Discussion of Kathleen "Sue" White's Alleged Sales Tax Issues


Mr. Henderson rails against LALB Vice President Robert Burns regarding him dragging Henderson into the discussions of alleged sales tax issues pertaining to Kathleen "Sue" White.  Page includes a link to Louisiana Sales Tax lawsuit filed against J. A. H. Enterprises for alleged nonpayment of sales taxes due the State of Louisiana.   





July 19, 2012:



Marvin Henderson Inducted Into the National Auctioneer's Association (NAA) Hall of Fame



Notwithstanding any of the above issues pertaining to Mr. Henderson, the National Auctioneer's Association bestowed the highest honor possible to an auctioneer by inducting him into its Hall of Fame on July 19, 2012.  Mr. Henderson became only the second auctioneer from Louisiana to obtain this honor, with the other being Auctioneer Keith Babb.





November 5, 2012:


Complainant Alleges Auctioneer Marvin Henderson Acted in Collusion Entailing a Botched ABSOLUTE Auction of an RV at Toledo Bend


Mr. Robert Kite of Kite Brothers, LLC, alleges in a complaint that a botched RV auction was conducted on November 18, 2011 (the LALB "hearing" for same took nearly a year, hence the 11/5/12 date above).  Mr. Kite alleges collusion regarding:  Joe Wilson, Arkansas; Wilson Auctioneers, Arkansas; and Marvin Henderson.  If true, the allegations constitute shill bidding  





September 9, 2014; October 13, 2014; 1/25/16; 3/8/16:


LAPA Vice President Robert Burns provides informative videos of recent events at Henderson auctions, to include:  Louisiana sales tax lawsuit by Department of Revenue, lawsuit filed by Henderson Auctions against a former business associate (Blake Everett) employee, and a lawsuit filed by Henderson Auctions once an intra-family squabble erupts, which led to an effective second Henderson Auctions.  



June 11, 2016; July 5, 2016:


Marvin Henderson effectively sued in Federal Court by his OWN SON, Jeff (LALB Member), for allegedly committing fraud pertaining to the Everett matter above.  He is served on July 5, 2016, thus solidifying Gov. Edwards auction corruption train having passed his predecessor, Bobby Jindal.


November 14, 2016:


Henderson exposed for illegally holding himself out to the public as a notary and permitting out-of-state auctioneers to call auctions in Louisiana with no auction license.  The LALB asserts it "has no jurisdiction" to pursue the illegal notary acts; however, Henderson Auctions was assessed a a $500 fine on on a separate out-of-state auctioneer no-license issue.



December 28, 2016:


First Guaranty Bank (Hammond, Louisiana) asserts that Jeff Henderson incurred nearly $1 million in alleged fraud losses due to his OWN "negligence, inattention, lack of supervision, etc."


January 5, 2017:


Federal Judge Shelly Dick issues scathing ruling entailing Marvin Henderson having allegedly committed FRAUD entailing civil litigation pertaining to James Blake Everett.



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