Barbara Bonnette




December 6, 2010:


LALB hearing entailing an auction conducted on September 8, 2008 in Marshall, Texas with no Texas auction license (audio file below).  Hearing entailed failing to disclose this disciplinary action in TX on Ms. Bonnette's 2010 Louisiana auction renewal application.


  "Guilty," one-word synopsis by Ms. Bonnette
2:16  admits an office staffer forged her name on her 2010 LA renewal application
3:42  relays the day's proceedings are "a waste of a day" of her time
3:56  again reiterates the signature on her renewal application is a forgery
4:54  emphasizes, "I'm not defrauding some little old lady like who just testified."
5:19  Board Attorney Dow:  "We assume it's your signature on your application."
5:36  Board Attorney Dow:  "
We have revoked licenses for this."
(Note:  Dow later revised to "suspended" rather than "revoked.")
5:48  Bonnette becomes incredulous that the Board would even consider suspending her license.
6:00  Bonnette throws the Board's just-completed reinstatement of Ken Buhler's license
in its face relaying, "
He [Buhler] can have a license when he hasn't paid people!."



NOTE:  CLICK HERE for the Ken Buhler hearing Ms. Bonnette strategically references
(of the same day of 12/6/10 and which she'd attended) regarding the above-referenced
highlights at the
4:54 and 6:00 marks of the above audio.


Result of Above Hearing:  LALB unanimously EXONERATES Ms. Bonnette of any wrongdoing (likely due to her strategic referenced to Ken Buhler).





As a result of the preceding episodes entailing Ms. Bonnette and Mr. Buhler,
 along with numerous other observations LAPA Vice President Robert Burns
made regarding the LALB, Burns produced the preceding video on November 3, 2012
DIRECTLY comparing the LALB with the Mafia!



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