LAPA began audiotaping and videotaping LALB meetings on August 2, 2010.  Accordingly, LAPA has no recorded evidence of embarrassments before that date.

Board Member TESSA STEINKAMP (Chairman) has served on the LALB from:  1997 to April 20, 2016.


November 5, 2014



Upon finding out that Brant Thompson, son of Louisiana State Senator Francis
 Thompson (D-Delhi), succeeded in obtaining a bond payment for his alleged losses entailing
 deceased auctioneer Bruce Miller, Judy Fasola expresses her frustrations with the LALB.  Those frustrations entail
Ms. Fasola asserting that she was victimized by notoriously-problematic auctioneer Ken Buhler and his father, Mac. 
Specifically, Ms. Fasola was frustrated that LALB attorney Anna Dow, after having her jump through all of the hoops to file
a bond claim, reversed course and refused to file a claim for her.  During her presentation, Ms. Fasola managed
to catch the LALB members in one contradiction after another as evidenced by the historical
 LALB video excerpts merged into the above video clip.  At the
6:20 mark, Chairman Steinkamp EXPLODES at Ms.
Fasola when Fasola expressed concerns for her safety entailing auctioneer Ken Buhler.  Only six days after the
above hearing, Ken Buhler faced a court hearing entailing domestic abuse charges filed by his wife.
Near the end of the video, Ms. Fasola exposes the fact that Chairman Steinkamp was not even aware that board
attorney Anna Dow had given her guidance on what acts to conduct for the LALB to file a bond claim
on her behalf, only to reverse course and relay the LALB would file no bond claim for her.







January 15, 2014



After arriving 15 minutes late to begin the meeting, LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp
makes a complete fool of herself (not an infrequent occurrence) in taking a VERY, VERY hostile attitude to LAPA
President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips before he even says a word!

Rev. Phillips also seeks to address the issue that the December 9, 2013 Louisiana Inspector General Report
entailing LALB payroll irregularities is NOT on the agenda, nor is the hiring of the law firm Shows Cali despite the
fact that the LALB has now been employing the firm for nearly three (3) months as of the date of this meeting
(the LALB didn't have the hiring of the firm on its November 5, 2013 agenda either despite the firm having gone to work
performing LALB legal work in October of 2013).

Convicted felon attorney Larry S. Bankston, the second of three attorneys hired by the LALB,
tells Rev. Phillips to "take your concerns up with the Legislature."






March 5, 2013



LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp continues a long and consistent pattern of openly displaying her
 disdain toward LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips



July 18, 2011


LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips threatened with
"disciplinary action against your license" prior to bringing
up concerns he had regarding LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp's
failure to alert the LALB regarding auction law violations at her employer,
 New Orleans Auction Galleries (NOAG).  Steinkamp served as "Vice President,
 Director, and Treasurer" of NOAG immediately prior to its bankruptcy of
 4/1/11, at which time it was learned that NOAG had over $600,000 in unpaid
and was paying company  operating expenses with consignor escrowed funds.


August 2, 2010


LALB Chairman Steinkamp expresses her disdain for LAPA President Rev. Phillips
by stating why she feels he should not be a board representative
 at a national auctioneer conference.


Audience member (and then-auctioneer) Nell Stuard voices displeasure
at the "character bashing" of LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips and names
LALB Chairman Steinkamp as a chief culprit engaging in that character bashing. 


Then-Vice Chairman Steinkamp insists LAPA Vice President Robert Burns needs to resign
from the LALB as she states he is engaging in too much "bickering."  Ms. Steinkamp made her remarks
after Burns' made public his strong opposition to shill bidding, his (along with LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips)
exposing of travel voucher irregularities, and what be believed at the time (and was
subsequently confirmed by the Louisiana Inspector General's Office) to be LALB payroll fraud.  Burns would also
later make public Ms. Steinkamp's active concealment of blatant auction statute violations at her employer, NOAG.
Those auction statute violations included nearly $600,000 in unpaid consignors at the time NOAG filed bankruptcy on 4/1/11,
NOAG paying company operating expenses out of escrowed funds, and fake paintings being auctioned for six-figure
amounts to unsuspecting victims.  Ms. Steinkamp served as "Vice President, Treasurer, and Director" of NOAG right
up to 11 days prior to it filing bankruptcy (and was rehired soon after the bankruptcy filing).



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