(Vice Chairman)


LAPA began audiotaping and videotaping LALB meetings on August 2, 2010.  Accordingly, LAPA has no recorded evidence of embarrassments before that date.

Board Member JAMES SIMS (Vice Chairman) has served on the LALB from:  April 29, 2011 to present.



November 5, 2014


Upon finding out that Brant Thompson, son of Louisiana State Senator Francis
 Thompson (D-Delhi), succeeded in obtaining a bond payment for his alleged losses entailing
 deceased auctioneer Bruce Miller, Judy Fasola expresses her frustrations with the LALB.  Those frustrations entail
Ms. Fasola asserting that she was victimized by notoriously-problematic auctioneer Ken Buhler and his father, Mac. 
Specifically, Ms. Fasola was frustrated that LALB attorney Anna Dow, after having her jump through all of the hoops to file
a bond claim, reversed course and refused to file a claim for her.  During her presentation, Ms. Fasola managed
to catch the LALB members in one contradiction after another as evidenced by the historical
 LALB video excerpts merged into the above video clip.  After LALB attorney Larry S. Bankston
exhibits his usual obnoxious, abrasive demeanor toward LAPA (this time to Vice President Robert Burns)
beginning at the
1:05 mark, Mr. Sims repeatedly makes a fool of himself in insisting license restrictions on
Ken Buhler had been removed BEFORE Ms. Fasola's auction when, in reality, they were removed
eight (8) months after.  Sims also exhibits hostility toward Ms. Fasola for even reviewing the
document with the restrictions, and FALSELY stated that LAPA Vice President Burns signed off
on the reinstated license with the restrictions when, in reality, Gov. Jindal terminated Burns' services on
 9/10/10, seven (7) days before Mr. Buhler's license was reinstated over Burns' vehement objection.  Further, LAPA President
Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips, while still on the LALB at the time of the Buhler reinstatement, voted AGAINST
reinstating Buhler's license.




January 15, 2014



LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips has to REPEATEDLY request that AUCTIONEERS James Sims (LALB Vice Chairman)
and Jeff Henderson (owner of J. A. H. Enterprises, a firm which was sued by the LA Department of Revenue for alleged
nonpayment of sales taxes),
speak up so audience members can hear what they're saying.  As a result, Rev. Phillips
 is escorted out
into the hallway by
LALB Security Officer (EBRP Sheriff Deputy Ronald Landry) and read the riot
 act for having the audacity to express his right to hear LALB deliberations!! 





March 5, 2013



Fresh off being exonerated by the Louisiana Inspector General Office, Sims resumes his ANGRY & HOSTILE tone toward
LAPA President Rev. Freddie Lee Phillips, LA's first and only African American auctioneer.  He is joined in his efforts
by LALB Chairman Tessa Steinkamp, who has never shied away from her own unprovoked personal attacks against Rev. Phillips.



November 5, 2012



LALB Vice Chairman James Sims & Greg Bordelon,
in LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips ONLY Absence in 4 Years
Respond to Roll Call
for 12/22/12 Advocate Article; CLICK HERE for IG Report of 2/20/13
CLICK HERE for 3/9/13 Advocate Follow-up Article



Sims Lambasts Gov. Jindal


LALB Vice Chairman James Sims' openly questions whether Chairman Tessa
Steinkamp may be engaging in "witch hunts" in pursuing auctioneer complaints
and statute violations.  The exchange resulted from a
botched dump truck auction conducted by legendary auctioneer Keith Babb.





July 18, 2011



Beginning @ 5:57 mark, Sims is hostile toward LAPA President Rev. Freddie Phillips, accusing
Rev. Phillips of "after the fact witch hunts."




June 20, 2011



Only 52 days into his appointment, beginning at the 2:57 mark, Sims
 openly flaunts his disdain for Gov. Jindal



May 18, 2010


James Sims, LALB Vice Chairman and Past LAA President,
Testifies Against HB 1439, a bill to strengthen Louisiana's laws
on shill bidding.  CLICK HERE to watch many other auctioneers
make PUBLIC statements regarding shill bidding.




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