LAPA began audiotaping and videotaping LALB meetings on August 2, 2010.  Accordingly, LAPA has no recorded evidence of embarrassments before that date.

Board Member DARLENE JACOBS-LEVY was appointed to the LALB in March of 2012 and continues to serve.  



November 5, 2014


Upon finding out that Brant Thompson, son of Louisiana State Senator Francis
 Thompson (D-Delhi), succeeded in obtaining a bond payment for his alleged losses entailing
 deceased auctioneer Bruce Miller, Judy Fasola expresses her frustrations with the LALB.  Those frustrations entail
Ms. Fasola asserting that she was victimized by notoriously-problematic auctioneer Ken Buhler and his father, Mac. 
Specifically, Ms. Fasola was frustrated that LALB attorney Anna Dow, after having her jump through all of the hoops to file
a bond claim, reversed course and refused to file a claim for her.  During her presentation, Ms. Fasola managed
to catch the LALB members in one contradiction after another as evidenced by the historical
 LALB video excerpts merged into the above video clip.



November 5, 2012


Darleen Jacobs-Levy states it would be "human nature" for her to more heavily
scrutinize a hypothetical complaint filed against auctioneer Dave Gilmore and, while
seemingly flattered at allegedly being invited to call Gilmore auctions, nevertheless
saying "they're not very liked."



September 17, 2012



Darlene Jacobs-Levy, seemingly out-of-the-blue and supplying
no supporting evidence, lambasting Dave Gilmore of
Gilmore Auction & Realty and J. P. King of Gadsden, Alabama for,
according to her, advertising auctions as absolute, only to then call
bidders beforehand and, when no satisfactory bid is
identified, "shut the auction down."   



May 21, 2012


Ms. Jacobs-Levy is an attorney who has practiced law in NEW ORLEANS
for 43 years.  Nevertheless, in the above video,
Ms. Jacobs-Levy strongly encourages the hiring of attorney Larry S. Bankston,
even saying, "he's never been censured by any court that I'm aware of and, as
I said, I've been practicing for 42 years, so if he had been, I think I would know
about it."  Reality:  Bankston is a convicted felon who served 33 months of a
41-month Federal prison sentence for accepting a bribe while serving
as a State Senator.  His license was also revoked by the Louisiana Supreme Court.
Since Mr. Bankston's trial was VERY high-profile and occurred in Ms. Jacobs-Levy's
backyard of NEW ORLEANS, either Ms. Jacobs-Levy, in the video above, displayed
unsurpassed ignorance of her own profession, or else she intentionally misled her
fellow Board Members regarding Mr. Bankston's qualifications.  It's also worth
noting that Mr. Bankston, who was present for Ms. Jacobs-Levy's widely
inaccurate statements, chose not to say a word to correct her inaccurate portrayal
of him.


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