Robert Burns


Date(s) of Alleged Auction Violations:

Not Applicable.  As is readily (and repeatedly) pointed out by Mr. Burns' counsel, Robert Loren Kleinpeter, in video coverage below, there was no auction license law violation even alleged.       


September 17, 2012 Louisiana Auctioneers Licensing Board (LALB)

Hearing Highlights:

LALB v. Robert Burns
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 as a Result of the Kangaroo Court "Hearing" Depicted Below of LALB v. Robert Burns
 Conducted on September 17, 2012


 An hour into the hearing, Burns' attorney, Robert Loren Kleinpeter, itemizes why he asserts that the LALB has no grounds for even considering disciplinary action against Burns' auction license.  Darlene Jacobs, an LALB Member and attorney with 43 years experience practicing law in Louisiana, concurs and suggests a Motion be made for Directed Verdict, for which Mr. Kleinpeter then moves.  The Administrative Law Judge denied the motion "at this point," and, though Ms. Jacobs reiterated her belief that Directed Verdict was appropriate, the Judge permitted the proceedings to continue for another 90+ minutes.  When an attorney makes a motion for Directed Verdict, he is asking the judge to rule in favor of his client (Burns in this case) and to refuse to even permit the matter to go before a jury (the LALB in this situation) because he contends no reasonable jury could return a verdict contrary to the Directed Verdict sought by the moving attorney.    

As a result of the above lawsuit link, the LALB conducted sham "reset deliberations" on January 8, 2013:

A Desperate Attempt by LALB to Place the "Genie back in bottle" Regarding Violating Louisiana Open Meetings Law at Hearing
of 9/17/12 by Conducting Above sham "reset deliberations" on January 8, 2013


Robert Burns Responds to LALB "Hearing" By Directly Correlating the LALB With the Mafia


Burns Questioned Regarding "blatant payroll fraud" on the part of Ms. Sandy Edmonds, LALB Executive Assistant
 Regarding her at-the-time LALB Employment Agreement, Which He Asserted Was Potentially Problematic               


  Burns Makes Post-Hearing Commentary on Sandy Edmonds Payroll Questioning


  Burns Questioned on Dual Role of Anna Dow as General Counsel / Prosecutor  


Burns Makes Post-Hearing Commentary on Attorney Dual Role Questioning

17-Minute Discussion of ONE Motion Made by NOAG During Its Bankruptcy Period       


Judge Errs in Permitting LALB to Enter Ex. Session R. S. 42:17(A)(1) Notwithstanding



Despite her statement that Directed Verdict was appropriate, Ms. Jacobs indicates she has "stuck my neck out" to keep Burns' license from being revoked by the LALB, which she readily admits Board Members sought to do in the illegal Executive Session from which the LALB had just exited [Jacobs later shared with Burns that the initial "vote" in Executive Session was 3-2 in favor of yanking Burns' license].


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Documentation Flow Between LALB & Robert Burns through Attorneys Larry Bankston (for LALB) and Robert Loren Kleinpeter (for Burns):


5/16/12:  Loren Kleinpeter informs LALB No Investigation Anticipated (No Auction Statute Violation Even Alleged!!)

5/22/12:  Upon learning Larry Bankston hired by LALB at Board Meeting of 5/22/12, Loren Kleinpeter sends Bankston letter relaying "contact me so we can discuss this on an informal basis."

5/23/12:  One day after being hired by LALB, Bankston sends Burns letter saying "failed to comply" even though LALB never even noticed Burns with complaint!!

7/12/12:  Bankston informs Burns complaint scheduled for hearing 9/17/12 (Burns, on advice of Kleinpeter, did not respond to Bankston letter of 5/23/12).

7/20/12:  Bankston informs Burns that his raising of issue of "blatant payroll fraud" may be added to hearing (which it ultimately was).

8/14/12:  Bankston formally notifies Burns of hearing only as it pertains to NOAG.

9/1/12:  Bankston sends Burns amended hearing documentation to include "blatant payroll fraud" and attorney dual role of General Counsel and Prosecuting Attorney.

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